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Recently I was given the opportunity to review a product from My Swim Baby:


I was sent the Planet Wise Sports Bag which I absolutely LOVE….I have had several Sports Bags through out the years but this one is my favorite so far.  Its adoreable,the print I choose was the butterfly print (See Below). Its brown,with different color butterflies on it.  The inside color of the bag is Pink.

Its very durable,sewn and sealed so that the bag won’t leak. The strings are double strung,the material is waterproof which I love and the waterproof material is a high quality polyurethane laminate which is anti microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.  Inside the bag there are 2 sections,one for your dry items and one for the wet items. With this bag you can put all the extra ziploc plastic bags aside! Of all the sports bags I have had over the years Ive never had one like this one.  I know that this bag is going to get lots of use. As durable as it is ,I have a feeling this bag will last a while,unlike some of the others I have had. I love Sports Bags when I travel or just go to a fun outdoor event and don’t want to carry a purse.

I highly recommend this bag. There is a pocket on the front of the bag that holds items such as car keys,cell phones,lipstick,inkpens,change,candy,small cameras,etc. It would also make a great diaper bag,field trip bag,lunch bag,whatever you need bag for the days you don’t want to carry your purse! These planet wise sport bags are ideal for anyone,Kids,Teens,Adults both Men and Women. If your planning a vacation soon,trip to the beach,family outing,maybe headed to the gym,or if the kids have a sleepover the planet wise sport bags are so versatile that you too will find that they are worth the money!  I highly recommend this bag,they offer about 13 designs but whats in stock varies,there are designs for everyone and they start at 24.99 per bag.  The bags wash up easily and the best part is they are MADE IN THE USA!!!! I LOVE SUPPORTING MY COUNTRY!!!!!

If you haven’t visited MYSWIMBABY,please do,they offer a multiple selection of products,from swimsuits,  waterbottles,bags,eye wear,sunscreen etc. Your bound to find some products that you could use.

Now you too have the opportunity to win a PLANET WISE SPORTS BAG. Fill out the rafflecopter form and enter as requested below .

***MySwimBaby offered me the opportunity to review a product in exchange for a review,I receieved the butterfly bag as pictured above,no compensation/money was exchanged. All opinions of the review are my own honest opinions.

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