A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to review products from Mr Chewy (a online pet store) ……I was offered $50 promo code  to purchase any items I wanted and asked to let them know what we thought about the products and service. I will have to say that I absolutely love Mr Chewys and so does my dogs lol….! We ordered Purina Dog Food, Milky bone Dog Treats and another bag of Science Diet Dog Treats. I found shopping online to be easy. I feel that their system is set up in a way that your able to find whatever product you choose. Shopping and checking out online were very simple. I didnt have any problems finding my merchandise, nor did I have any problems understanding their checkout procedures. Once the product was ordered our product arrived within the week. I was actually surprised at how fast it was shipped. Another thing that I liked about Mr Chewy is that they offer 15% off on your first order and free shipping if you check out with a order of $49 or more!

I know when we shop the grocery store, or go to the vet to get our Front Line etc we easily spend $49 or more. I truely am considering ordering more items in the future from them, especially if I know its something that I would spend more than $49 for at the vet etc. Why waste the gas and time, if you can purchase it online for the same price and have it shipped to your house!

If your looking for a online pet store, you need to try Mr Chewy’s out. I think you will be pleasantly pleased with their service. I had excellent service and am still amazed at how fast it arrived! You can choose to have the order shipped to your house once a month if you wish and won’t even have to worry with stores any longer! This is also a great service for those that can’t get out or carry large bags of pet food! Mr Chewys offers food for both Dogs and Cat’s! Its not just food, you can find frontline (flea medicine) puppy pads, dog treats, foods, cat litter, etc! If its out there they probablly carry the product!

DID YOU KNOW MR CHEWY OFFERS A REFERRELL PROGRAM ? They have a referrell program which not only do you benefit from but so do charities….when your ordering use my referrell code CENT1135 and save 10% also $10 will be donated to a local charity!

If you haven’t stopped by Mr Chewy’s facebook page please do….give them a Like…I’m sure they will be happy to have you stop by. Also you can find them on twitter…..


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