Are you someone who believes in NATURAL PRODUCTS ? Do you try to save the planet as much as you can? I know my family tries to use Earth Friendly products when we can.  The less ingredients in products the better. Now that spring/summer has arrived I am noticing a lot of Ants and other bugs at our house. In fact right now we have been invaded by Honey Bee’s and can’t get rid of them. We are having to find products for that and its not been very easy. Dealing with bugs is never fun most of us in some way or fashion doesn’t care for bugs. I know I am one of those that will jump when a bug is near!     Well hopefully now this summer our house won’t have to deal with them much longer. We were recently sent a box of Nature-Cide products to review. Nature cide is a 100% natural and highely effective insect, rodent and reptile insecticide / pesticide and repellent product line. Their products include repellent for bed bugs, fleas, ticks , ants , mosquitoes and ... [ Read More ]