Avoid marinating in a metal container. The acid in Marinade may pit the container. Instead, use a glass bowl. Better yet, to reduce messy cleanup, use a plastic bag set in a bowl to hold the food you are marinating ! ... [ Read More ]

Homemade Wasp Traps

Homemade Wasp Trap

Being that it is now officially summer, many of us are faced with a common household pest - WASPS! Since I personally am allergic to wasp stings, I try to stay away from wasps as much as I can. And since my 3-year-old was stung last night for the first time ever and I was unsure whether she is allergic or not, I decided that I would find a better way for us to stay away from wasps. I found several cheap, easy ways to make homemade wasp traps, and I intend on making several. I thought I would try to make at least one of each kind to see what works best for us. JAR TRAP Take an empty jar with a lid, and poke a hole in the lid about the size of your pinky. Fill the jar about 1/2 full with something sugary, like juice, soda, maple syrup diluted in water, etc. Put jam or jelly on the inside of the lid. Put the lid on the jar and place the trap somewhere away from foot traffic. The trap will draw wasps away from heavily used areas, and the wasps will drown in the ... [ Read More ]

lowes build and grow classes


Lowes offers Build and Grow Classes every other Saturday / Sunday (in the summer time) for Children. This summer Madagascar is the theme. Build a wooden project, get a free apron, goggles, patch and more ! Check out the schedule below and check your local store to see if they are participating . CLASSES ARE FREE AT PARTICIPATING LOCATIONS!!!! JUNE 23 SATURDAY MADAGASCAR 3 LUXURY ASSAULT VEHICLE 10 AM –11 AM JUNE 24 SUNDAY MADAGASCAR 3 LUXURY ASSAULT VEHICLE 2PM-3PM JULY 14 SATURDAY KUNG FU PANDA SPINNING ATTACK 10 AM -11AM JULY 15 SUNDAY KUNG FU PANDA SPINNING ATTACK 2PM-3PM JULY 28 SATURDAY KUNG FU PANDA STACKING FRIENDS 10 AM -11AM JULY 29 SUNDAY KUNGFU PANDA STACKING FRIENDS 2PM-3PM AUG 11 SATURDAY SHREK DRAGON RIDE ... [ Read More ]


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