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Babies love to kick, roll, play especially at a young age. I know my nephew is like that, he can’t stand to be still always on the go. Studies have shown that playtime on the floor on both their back and tummy is also important and should be a part of their daily routine.  I found the perfect toy that allows babies to do just that. Its called the TINY LOVE GYMINI MOVE AND PLAY activity mat that is a 5 in 1 mat. This mat actually grows with your baby. It can be used for a year.




I tried this mat out with my nephew and it was a huge hit. He is into the teething stage so he loved putting the toys into his mouth. I felt safe allowing him too as well. Some are tethering toys. My nephew is 10 months old and enjoyed the mat very much. He should be able to enjoy it until he’s about 1 year old. If you can keep him still long enough, he’s into the exploring trying to walk age, he has a great time whether its on his back, or on his tummy. It has been a huge success with him and I would highly recommend purchasing this for someone as a baby gift or for your own baby.


The mat allows you to use it 5 different ways.


  • FIRST you can use it as your everyday standard activity mat
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SECOND :  Raising the border to create a enclosure for when your baby begins to roll. This will keep him or her from rolling off the mat.


THIRD : Sliding arches can over toys lower so a tiny infant can reach them

FOURTH : The toys can be moved for the baby’s tummy time.

FIFTH:  You can remove the arches completely and turn it into just a mat. This is a perfect step for the older children.


The Gymini® Move & Play is the first activity baby gym to feature a sliding arch connector, which brings the toys within reach of your baby. It’s more versatile, more comfortable and better adjusted to developmental needs.

  • Revolutionary arch connector allows endless options for playtime
  • Sliding rings enable flexible toy positioning for a content baby
  • Extra large baby mat
  • Ideal for tummy time
  • Getting baby in and out is finally easy and hassle-free

The activity mat has built in toys on it as well as it comes with 7 adorable hanging toys. Musical toys are also on the mat and several of them light up. Some play music, some are teething toys. The musical toys have 7 different tunes.

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  1. Renee says

    I love the 3 in 1 rocker/napper. All of my children loved to rock and always fell asleep for naps. Would be an awesome gift for someone!

  2. Teresa Jones says

    Love the 3-in-1 Rocker , Just had a new addition to the Family and would love to get that for him!

  3. Linda Kwolek says

    Rocker easily converts from seat to comfy napper.
    Soothing movements rock your baby at all 3 reclining positions


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